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Tile  Roofing


Tile Roofing: A Premium Choice for Homeowners in Austin

For environmentally conscious homeowners in Austin, tile roofing stands as an exceptional option. Its recyclability aligns perfectly with green-minded values. Renowned for its durability, certain tile roofs boast lifespans of up to 100 years. Not only does tile offer fire resistance, but it's also available in various materials. The most common tile types include concrete, clay, and slate, each offering an array of colors and brands like Boral, Claymex, SantaFe, and Terreal. Moreover, tile roofing proves ideal for warm climates like Austin, showcasing impressive energy efficiency. However, a thorough engineering assessment is advised when transitioning from lighter materials to ensure the roof's structural integrity.

Pros of Tile Roofing:

Abundant color options Enhanced home value Energy efficiency, particularly in warm climates Unrivaled durability Fire resistance Eco-friendliness Low maintenance

Cons of Tile Roofing:

Installation expenses Weight constraints, not suitable for all structures Recommended for roofs with a 4/12 or higher pitch Brittle tiles requiring costly replacements

Clay vs. Concrete:

Material selection for tile roofing presents varying pros and cons. While clay is lighter and boasts longevity, it comes at a higher cost compared to concrete. Concrete tiles are more susceptible to staining and mildew due to greater water absorption. The production process grants clay tiles prolonged color retention with a non-porous finish. In contrast, the porous nature of concrete makes it easier to stain.

Slate Tile Roofing:

Slate tile roofing stands as another compelling choice, offering fire resistance and the ability to withstand harsh weather. A completely natural product, slate can be recycled and has proven its worth for centuries. However, considering the material's weight is crucial before transitioning from other roofing systems.

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