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Stone Coated Steel Roofing


What Is Stone Coated Steel?

Stone-coated steel is one of the most popular designer roof systems on the market today. For just a fraction of the cost of slate, clay tiles, or wood shake, you can have a beautiful, durable, long-lasting roof system that will provide an energy-efficient covering for your home without any of the structural disadvantages of other roofing materials. 

What Are The Benefits Of This Type Of System?

  • A wide range of styles gives your home the look you think will make it look its best

  • Unmatched durability allows the roof to last a lifetime without cracking or warping and will look beautiful for years to come

  • Low maintenance makes this roof system an affordable option for its entire lifespan

  • Metal roofs are an energy-efficient option since they reflect radiant heat from your home effectively lowering the cooling cost

Why Should I Choose Crane Customs Roofing & Construction?

Here at Crane Customs Roofing & Construction, we take pride and passion in being one of the top experts in the different types of high-end roofing systems. 

From clay, tile, and slate, to standing seam and stone-coated steel, to synthetic and hail-proof systems, we take a massive amount of pride in being the standard that the industry follows. In fact, if you hire another roofer, there is still a very realistic possibility that we will be the ones performing the work as a subcontractor for the roofing company you hired. 

Certain designer systems that we install come with a hail warranty from 2” to completely hail proof, and a wind warranty that ranges from 110 mph to 170 mph. Ask us about these designer systems. 

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